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Ryan Giannoni and an insurgent band of passionate cooks and entrepreneurs who stand at the helm of the food truck movement are paving a new entrepreneurial path for foodies, and its coming to us in a big way. What started out as a fight for a patch of pavement with two trucks and a beer cart in 2015 has now quadrupled in size. This exciting, hip culinary phenomena will strike big this weekend with edible symbols of the Savannah Foodie Mecca packed into fifteen of the most amazing retrofitted trucks ever to be seen. The Savannah Food Truck Festival will accompany the 6th Annual A-Town Get Down at the Charles H. Morris center on Saturday, February 27 with dishes designed to serve the palate of every patron.

Recent food truck success has inspired fleets of new applicants, who are lining up to join the revolution. “I have people approach me all the time with outstanding dishes they have prepared and want to know how to start a truck. It’s nice to be able to help them pursue their dreams,” says Giannoni, director of the Savannah Food Truck Festival.

It is clear that Giannoni aspires to catalyzing more sweeping changes in Savannah’s street vending culture. Regulations are onerous. Profit margins are ridiculously thin. “I really want this for our community. I remember at one point I had less than $100 in my bank account and I was working other jobs just to fund this project. It was very challenging to keep pushing forward but I did and now I own a few trucks of my own,” says Giannoni. It is that type of idealistic and infectious spirit that makes our food culture thrive and gives it meaning.

His own hand-painted trucks take mobile food to a whole new level with tacos inspired by every genre of food imaginable – from American to Japanese. One to try is the Italian, topped with Seasoned Beef in a Marinara Sauce, Fresh Parmesan, and Spinach on a Roasted Tomato and Basil Tortilla.

“We are trying to create more businesses and jobs in the city. With the legalization of trucks, someone who has the skills to run a restaurant but doesn’t have the capital, will have a less expensive option of introducing their concept to customers. If it’s a good product they will be able to take the next step to a brick and mortar location later on,” says Giannoni.

Their new website,, has a special Member Profile section that lists each truck with pictures and menu descriptions. You can easily book one or all of them right from this page.

The Savannah Food Truck Festival has an exciting year of great events ahead of them. Other events you don’t want to miss are:

  • March 17-19: Savannah Downtown Business Association’s St. Patrick’s Day “Food Truck Alley” at The Cotton Sail Hotel.
  • May 1: First Annual Country Pie Festival at Emmet Park.
  • October 22: Isle of Hope Art & Music Festival.
  • October 28-30: Savannah Speed Classic at Hutchinson Island.

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