Restaurants of Savannah: The Wyld Dock Bar

Appetizer, Entree, and Desserts at The Wyld Dock Bar

SAVANNAH, GA–For our first feature, we wanted to focus on a newer restaurant that has the distinct essence of Savannah and the Southeast. The Wyld Dock Bar is off the beaten track, and that’s the way they want to keep it. When you step out of your car and walk through the entrance, you step through the closet into Narnia. Passed the threshold lies one of Savannah’s hidden jewels. Welcome to The Wyld.

Lounge around at The Wyld Dock Bar

Lounge around at The Wyld Dock Bar

Co-owners Brad Syfan and Executive Chef Tony Seichrist have revitalized this marsh side location where rustic meets elegance. Open since April 2015, they have taken contemporary American cuisine back to its roots. The duo believes in farm-to-table ingredients and cooking them using the techniques of our ancestors. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that the reason why their Sunday brunch breakfast sausage and peach tree wood smoked bacon are so exquisite is because they were cured in house. Local ingredients also make every dish specific to The Wyld Dock Bar.

“I always like my ingredients amazing to start off with,” says Chef Seichrist. “We source our ingredients from the Southeast, and we don’t do out of season produce which is why we keep our menu flexible.”

The Fall/Winter 2015 menu features Southern classics with a marine twist such as the Grilled Old Bay Shrimp Skewers or the Crispy Fish and Grits. For the Spring 2016 menu, they are focusing on their access to seasonal ingredients and maintaining light and clean combinations. We were lucky to try an item from this menu, the Clam Roll (pictured below) with Cherry Stone Clams, Fresh Greens, and House Tartar sauce on a Brioche Bun. Another new item is the House Ice Cream Cake Pop. Yes, this is all made in the kitchen where they assemble strips of Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Drizzle, Semi-Soft Ice Cream, and a White Chocolate Shell.

The Wyld Dock Bar New Menu Items

Although The Wyld Dock Bar has been open for only nine months, Savannah has shown a lot of love to the restaurant. “We love our customers. We have a great following of fans, and enjoy sharing their experiences here with them!” says Syfan. “My wife will sometimes go find a customer who posted an awesome picture while they are eating and give them a drink on the house. Customers are like family here.”

The Wyld Dock Bar Drinks

The Keats & Walk Before You Fly

Savannah State University is in view from across the marsh, and students of the Marine Biology Department are highly regarded for saving the Chef during a boating fiasco. Chef Seichrist said, “we see them often and enjoy identifying the wildlife in the area with them” Anyone well versed in Georgia wildlife will find this to be paradise with any number of marine animals and various species of birds within a few yards from their table.

Being so close to the water and marine life has major benefits for the restaurant. The dock is a unique feature that allows patrons to “dock and dine”. During the warmer months, locals frequent the restaurant by kayak, boat, or car. The courtyard offers recreational games and areas to lounge with a group or enjoy the scenery solo. The space is available for private events such as oyster roasts and wedding parties. Please contact Brad Syfan at for more info.


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