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From your neighborhood friendly nurse, flu season is practically over, but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a flu shot. That is from Beetnix Superfood & Juice Bar, the new juice bar downtown. I started my juice experience with their Superfood “Flu Shot”, a nectar sure to get your taste buds tingling and sore throats forgotten with cayenne, orange, and germ-blasting apple cider vinegar. The owner Shelley Lowther opened shop on Broughton St. just last week along with Dancing Dogs Yoga Studio above it. Super bubbly and sweet Shelley along with Beetnix manager, Nicholas Buttimer, taught me more about the juicing process. I’m new to the juice game, but even more so to the pitaya bowl trend.

Pitiya Bowl, Beetnix Superfood & Juice BarSo what exactly is a pitaya bowl? Here at Beetnix you can choose between pitaya or acai berry as a base. The “dragon fruit” has many health benefits including digestion aid, antioxidants, energy boosts, and a powerful source of vitamin C. With it being so healthy for you, all the added toppings make it feel like a fun enjoyable breakfast or snack. There are three options for the bowls but soon to be two. I opted for Warrior Two and chose pitaya as the base since I personally have never tried it before. The color of the pitaya was a brilliant magenta and the consistency of the fruit mixture was perfect. Buttimer tells me, “if it’s not listed, it’s not in it” as far as fillers in the ingredients go. They use no hidden sugars or ice to adjust the texture and flavors of their menu items. The whole, frozen banana allowed the bowl to keep its dense hold. Also in the base mix were organic strawberries, mango, and coconut milk. The berries gave the consistency an icy feel like you were eating a smoothie with a spoon. On top of Warrior One lies gluten-free hemp granola, banana chunks, coconut chips, bee pollen and raw honey. They try to keep the ingredients as local as they can. The bee pollen is from Fort Royal, South Carolina, and Savannah Bee Company provides the raw honey which is drizzled over top the whole bowl leaving sweetness to every bite. For those who haven’t had bee pollen before, don’t be afraid of it. The little yellow granules actually have a mild sweet taste to them and blend in well to the pitaya because of their powdery texture. Bee pollen actually reduces histamine giving you the same benefits that an over the counter allergy medicine would. So with springtime coming up and allergies rising, it’s not such a bad idea to load up on bee pollen! Especially from local bees who help build up the immunity to the plants around you in the Low Country.

Another thing I appreciated about Beetnix as far as health goes is that they wrote “*nut allergy*” in really big font on my plastic container for the bowl. Yes, I am allergic to nuts.

A food reviewer with food allergies, rough life. The facility is 90% raw, dairy free, and gluten free, but they kindly mark which menu items contain nuts. I really liked the gesture that kept my allergy known to all employees and away from the ingredients I cannot eat. Thanks Beetnix!

Flu Shot, Beetnix Superfood & Juice Bar

Flu Shot

There are currently eleven juices on their menu to pick from. Easier said than done. Most of them are placed in a grab and go refrigerated area, all lined up in rainbow formation. Maybe it was the

name that sold me but I opted for Good Karma. This specific cold pressed juice consisted of beet, lemon, orange, apple, ginger and turmeric all blended together for an awesome flavor punch. They come in 16 oz. glass bottles, so I was able to bring the glass home with me and still have some to savor later.

Salads, smoothies, and puddings are also available at the storefront. There are a few menu items coming soon that Shelley and Nicholas seem excited for. The first is an iced coffee with the help of PERC Coffee, a local specialty coffee roaster in Savannah. Flavor options will include vanilla cashew or cacao almond to keep you buzzing post-yoga. The second will be an organic cold pressed Bloody Mary mix, and after sampling it I never want to go back to V8. With fresh horseradish, jalapeños and vinegar from a batch of homemade spiced pickles, this tomato specialty will be sure to be a hit for the Sunday Funday-ers in Savannah.

Shelley actually makes the pickles herself for the vinegar and each glass will include a pickle as a garnish. How cool is that! This new spot it not to be missed, and Buttimer tells me to bring my friends back. That’s your cue, foodie friends! Go in, give it a try, and don’t forget your yoga mat for their sister company upstairs.


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