Your Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Pit Stops

Guide to Savannah St. Patricks Day Pit Stops

St. Patrick’s Day is undoubtedly the largest celebration in Savannah. With its rich Irish roots, Savannah celebrates this holiday with an abundance of great food and drink. We’ve got the scoop on where to go for food when you need to soak up all of that booze!

  1. Molly MacPherson’s

Molly McPhersonsJust past Savannah’s City Market lies a Scottish pub with outstanding food and drinks! Stop on in on St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy some live music and drinks.


Must-have for St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Spring Rolls and Bangers and Mash

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  1. McDonough’s


Celebrate the luck of the Irish by stumbling upon this Savannah pot of gold. McDonough’s creates a genuine Irish feel from their drinks and food to their décor and atmosphere; you may even want to test your luck with some karaoke! Try and classic plate of fish and chips to get into the spirit of St. Patty’s!


Must-have for St. Patrick’s Day: Fish & Chips

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  1. Kevin Barry’s

Kevin Barry's

Nothing says Irish history in Savannah quite like Kevin Barry’s. A city staple, this pub is located in the heart of the River Street Celebration. Enjoy live Irish music along with a pint of Guinness and Irish appetizers for a truly authentic St. Patrick’s Day!


Must-have dishes for St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Nachos and Grilled Reuben

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4. “Food Truck Alley” St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

  • Savannah Food Truck Festival LogoSavannah Food Truck Fest & Savannah Downtown Business Ass. are bringing you street food delights March 17-19 from 10am-2am at the lot in front of The Cotton Sail Hotel! Three food trucks will be dishing out the best bites: Chazito’s Latin Cuisine, Paul Kennedy Catering, and Low Country Lobster. Cash and cards are accepted. 

    Must have dish: The Chef’s Special at Chazito’s



5.  Six Pence Pub

Six Pence

Take yourself on a trip across the pond with a visit to Six Pence Pub. Though this pub is prominently British, it’s an excellent stop for some authentic food on St. Patrick’s Day. Stop in for an authentic Ploughman’s Lunch, and don’t forget to take a selfie in front of the famous telephone booth!


Must-have dishes for St. Patrick’s Day: Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Guinness

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6. Churchill’s Pub

Churchill's Pub

The most British spot on Bay Street has got to be Churchill’s Pub, a farm to table favorite. Even though it’s a bit of a stretch from Ireland, there is no shortage of delicious European brews and food. This beautiful pub, from décor to plating, is a must-stop on St. Patty’s.


Must-have dishes for St. Patrick’s Day: Guinness Meatloaf Sandwich and Shepherd’s Pie



With all of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities happening on River Street throughout the weekend, there will be no shortage of phenomenal food. River Street and City Market are your one-stop-shops for all things Irish on the 17th. St. Patrick’s Day 2016 in Savannah, GA will be fun, exciting, and non stop partying. However, be responsible and always watchful! Have fun!


What are your ultimate St. Patty’s Day pit stops?


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