AJ’s Dockside Bar

AJ's Dockside Restaurant Southern Style Gumbo

Summer is well on its way in Savannah, which means it’s Tybee time! This past week I had the pleasure of having my family visit the area, and we ate our way through some awesome Island restaurants. One of my favorite places that I took them to was AJ’s Dockside Restaurant.

AJ’s has an awesome view of the shore with a cool atmosphere and incredible food. This waterfront restaurant is on the south end of Tybee and provides the perfect “island living” atmosphere. It is decked out in colorful decor plus the patio provides a spectacular view of the sunset. Being that I’m not from the South, I take advantage of every opportunity to indulge in southern favorites. One of my top picks for southern comfort food are hush puppies, so I couldn’t resist ordering a basket (or three) of those tasty morsels.

AJ's Dockside Restaurant Hush PuppiesAJ’s has a variety of items on the menu, so it’s an excellent place for families. Whether or not you’re a seafood fan, you’re bound to find something for you from the crab burgers to chicken sandwiches to classic southern gumbo. I opted to go for the gumbo and boy did it deliver! A heaping pile of rice, shrimp, chicken, sausage and tons of vegetables came to the table. I couldn’t wait to dig in! The gumbo at AJ’s was nothing short of unbelievable. Despite it being a large portion, I couldn’t keep myself from eating all of it.

After dinner, we listened to a live performance from a local musician and had a few cocktails while taking in the beautiful view. AJ’s never seems to disappoint. The food is always top notch and accompanied by a smiling staff and a fun atmosphere. On your way out, be sure to stop by the front desk to pick up some of their handmade soap, a T-Shirt, or other island swag. You can even make a day of it. Rent a kayak or paddle board then come back for another amazing meal!

AJ’s Dockside Restaurant is open 7 days a week and serves breakfast on Friday through Sunday.


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