Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina

Blowin' Smoke Southern Cantina Tacos

Blowin' Smoke Southern CantinaA case of the Monday blues had me craving my favorite type of food to help offset the symptoms. So off I went to a sliver of Southwestern heaven called Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina. Located on Habersham Street, the BBQ patio restaurant was just what I was looking for to kick through the rest of my Monday. I rolled in at the beginning of happy hour. Being that it was a gorgeous day, I welcomed the outdoor seating area with open arms. I quickly got the rundown on the happy hour specials: $5 sangrias, $4 house margaritas or if you’re feeling really happy, you can do pitchers of either for $12. Beers were two, three and four dollars for domestic, wells, and house beers respectively. You can also upgrade your beers to a bucket of five domestics for $10, a $9 pitcher of Dos Equis or a $15 pitcher of craft. The last of the specials was $1 off all appetizers. So no matter if you need one drink to get the edge off or a pitcher to drown your sorrows, Blowin’ Smoke has you covered. They also have champagne, wine, top shelf margaritas, and a few cocktails if the happy hour selection doesn’t cut it.  I chose the house margarita with a sugar brim, and they didn’t skimp out on me with the on tequila.

The menu is one you’d find at any Southwestern, Tex-Mex inspired restaurant with chips with various dip appetizers, smoked meats like brisket, and tacos. The restaurant also proudly sources locally grown ingredients for their meats and cheeses. They also offer wings, meat plates, salads, and a kid’s menu. With over 10 different types of tacos with ingredients like pecan-smoked pork, tzatziki, and spicy aioli to choose from, this isn’t your typical Taco Tuesday dinner. Their tacos can come a la carte for $4 a taco, two and a side for $10, or three and a side for $14, I decided to go all in and get three with Southwestern Mac and Cheese as my side: The Island Hopper, a Caribbean inspired taco with citrus jerk marinated flank steak adorned with pineapple salsa and a Georgia summer sauce, the Beef Brisket Gyro Taco, which as the name describes has ingredients you’d find in your usual gyro. If you can put it in a flatbread, you can put it in a taco! My last taco, a tough decision, was the Smoked Pork Belly Taco smothered in spicy mustard and pineapple sauce.

Blowin' Smoke Southern Cantina Tacos

Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina Tacos

The tacos were good, but let’s talk about the meats. Each meat was tender and moist like it had been smoking for hours, which it was! The flavors of the taco’s ingredients all complimented each other, enhancing the savory meats. It was so delectable, in fact, I found myself picking out the items and forgetting that they were even a taco to begin with!  I could eat it without the tortilla. The tacos and drinks were roughly $25 before tax and tip and very much worth it. Three tacos, a side of mac and cheese, and another margarita down I left belly full knowing that I’d be sure to return to the cantina on another nice day.


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