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Only a few steps away from Forsyth Park lies award-winning Local 11ten. Here they use exclusively local, seasonal ingredients to create stunning dishes. We arrived just in time for the development of their new Spring 2016 menu and were blown away by the passion driving it. When the managing partner behind the vision has access to his family farm only an hour outside of the city, farm-to-table becomes a mantra. Their ingredients are sourced from the likes of Kachina Farms in Rincon, Walker Farms in Effingham, Cane Water Farms in Darrien, Blue Marlin Seafood in Beaufort, and Savannah River Farms in Sylvania. Can you get any closer?

We were served the Skin On Striped Bass a la Plancha with seasonal vegetables such as corn, white hominy, fingerling potatoes, and carrots. The fish was delicate and flavorful topped with a horseradish gremolata, basil salsa verde, and golden citrus. The combination of flavors and the freshness of the vegetables exemplified Local’s vision leaving me with a taste that I will be back for! Next we tasted the decadent Winter White which is on the current dessert menu. It is honey panna cotta, late harvest riesling sorbet, douglas fir meringue, and mint snow. When this came out, we were enamored with its beauty. Pomegranate arils dotted the plate with color while the panna cotta defied gravity. This is the perfect dessert to treat yourself to without feeling guilty!

Local 11ten Winter White DessertExecutive Chef Brandy Williamson and Chef de Cuisine Erin Ellis work diligently to transition from the winter to spring menu. They take into consideration which ingredients will be available, how best to highlight them, and how to execute flawless presentation. Some of the dishes to highlight will be:

Appetizer: Crab Cake Stuffed Soft Shell Crab with Jalapeño Puree and Lemon Curd

Entree: Lamb Chops with Chévre Gnocchi, Baby Kale, and Basaltic Cioppolini Onions

Dessert: Honeysuckle Panna Cotta with Violet Meringue, Jasmine Green Tea, and Blackberry-Thyme Sorbet

“I love the Spring and Fall menus. The ingredients are really fresh and interesting. We like to develop flavors, and this time of year is more fun to manipulate those flavors. We’re stepping the heartiness down to more lean and brighter notes,” said Erin Ellis, Chef de Cuisine of Local 11ten.

One of the best aspects of eating at Local is the ambiance and attention to the guests. From the moment you step in the door, you are treated with the utmost priority. The staff are extremely friendly and professional. They aim to cater to the many needs of their guests including dietary restrictions, party size, and reservations. General Manager, Tess Riter, said it best.

“We strive for quality, and we try to make sure that the guests are happy while finding that medium where chefs can explore their creative side…”

Local 11ten + Perch Rooftop BarLast but not least, you must come early or stay later for a cocktail upstairs at Perch. The rooftop bar is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy Savannah’s starry skies or afternoon sunset. The drinks themselves are made with fresh ingredients, and patrons flock to have a great time. While you can visit Perch without eating at the restaurant, you may very well be coaxed into ordering when you smell the delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen. Guests have been known to enjoy the rooftop so much that they forget to come down for dinner!

Foodie Tip: Come for the 6-Course Tasting Menu!

You will be surprised each time, because it is created on the fly by the Chef and Sous Chef. Order now in April, then come back a few weeks later for a completely different tasting experience! You can indulge on this menu without wine for $100 or $130 with the recommended wine pairing.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at Local 11ten! Their deep roots in farm-to-table ingredients while maintaining an upscale ambiance are reasons why we’ll be back for seconds! Make sure to book your reservations at, so you can experience it for yourself.


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