Morning Brew Crew

The Foodie Feature- Morning Brew Crew

Sometimes the day just doesn’t feel right without the smell of coffee in the morning. Here are our picks for the best brews in Savannah!

Savannah Coffee Roasters- Ham and Cheese Croissant and Apple Cider

Savannah Coffee Roasters

Savannah Coffee Roasters has a long history with roasting beans! The over 100 year old roastery is pumping out liquid gold while serving some delicious cafe items and entrees if you’re feeling hungry. The menu is short and sweet, but the culinary trained chefs behind the scenes make their goods anything but simple! Locally owned and operated, Savannah Coffee Roasters is definitely a go-to for anyone looking for a great, home cooked experience.

Lavender Mocha & Avocado Toast

The Collins Quarter

The Collins Quarter is known for its variety of espresso, cold brew, and latte options. The Aussie owner and executive chef pride themselves on their innovative coffee selections which compliment the menu. From the Spiced Lavender Mocha to the classic Flat White, any coffee enthusiast will appreciate the love that is put into each creation. “Brekkie” at Collins Quarter is a to-do in the Hostess City, so rise and shine to experience this trendy eatery.

Perc Coffee

Perc Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster, and their attention to detail shows. While attending an event in Savannah, check the label at the coffee stand. You may be getting a sample right there! Perc offers tours of their roastery and sells bags bring the TLC into your home. Take your love of coffee to the next level by learning about the roasting process and quality beans that it takes to make your morning brew.

The Coffee Fox 

The Coffee Fox / Foxy Loxy

It doesn’t get much more local than these two sister companies, The Coffee Fox and Foxy Loxy. Founded by a SCAD graduate, these cafes are quickly becoming staples of local Savannians. They keep things even more local by brewing Savannah’s own Perc coffee. The food? Foxy is notorious for their creative and tasty tacos plus the usual cafe fare. The Coffee Fox focuses on amazing coffee creations with their “Light Bites” menu to compliment those flavors. Both of these locations are decked out in eclectic art, and the environment is the perfect study spot for students and busy bees. Stop by both locations and pick up a delicious horchata latte with a delicious kolache from the bakery to start your day downtown.

Friendship Coffee Company

Friendship Coffee Company knows that coffee brings people together. They use fair trade ingredients and partner with local Savannah Bee Company to sweeten up their coffee. I found them at the Wilmington Island Farmer’s Market where they had bottled iced coffee for sale.You can stop by their shop on Victory Drive or visit a number of retailers to pick some up for yourself.

The Sentient Bean

Sentient Bean

A few steps away from Forsyth park lies the Sentient Bean, one of Savannah’s most green conscientious coffee shops.The Bean uses fair trade coffee (coffee sourced through mediums that promote sustainability and growth for farmers) while also having a variety of vegan and vegetarian menu items. See our review on some of those delectables here. While you’re there be sure to check out the back patio for a nice change of scenery. The Sentient Bean also has a minimalist atmosphere with tons of seating to get some work done or relax with your next bookstore find.

Gallery Espresso

Coffee and culture go hand in hand at this local favorite. Gallery Espresso embraces the local art scene and helps us get through our daily grind with their homemade blends.They actively advocate for the Savannah community by sponsoring several arts organizations around the city. Gallery Espresso is the perfect place for you to set up shop to work on your latest project or spend the day enjoying great art, music, food and of course coffee!


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