Tequila’s Town Mexican Restaurant Review

Margarita Tequila's Town Mexican Restaurant
Shredded Chicken Chimichangas Tequila's Town Mexican Restaurant
PItcher Tequila's Town Mexican Restaurant

Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner, for most that means loading up on your favorite Mexican food and overdoing it with the margaritas…maybe that’s just me?  If you’re in Savannah celebrating the festivities look no further than downtown Savannah’s Tequila Town Mexican Restaurant (TT) on Whitaker Street. The eccentric Tex-Mex spot has been open for a few years and already boasts award winning margaritas and tequila inspired cocktails plus numerous “Best of Savannah” awards. Considering the many restaurants in Savannah, that is a coveted title. My love for Latin food runs deep, so I was tingly with excitement to dig into what TT had to offer.


We went midday which was vastly different from the bustling comparison I frequently see during the night and weekends. We were seated quickly and before even deciding on food, went straight to the drink options. TT is Savannah’s only tequila and mescal bar and has margaritas galore for any taste buds. I went with the jalapeno margarita on the rocks with a salt rim, which was absolutely phenomenal. I was hesitant at first. Although I love jalapenos, I wasn’t sure about having them in my drink. Luckily, the margarita was made with just enough freshly chopped jalapenos to give the traditional version a kick with a slight lingering aftertaste of the jalapeno’s heat. The drink was $8 and well worth it, served in a healthy sized glass (we’ve all had the overpriced cocktails in tiny glasses). A friend who joined me was more into the Cinco De Mayo spirit and opted to order the margarita pitcher, which you definitely get your money’s worth. By the end, I’d had a glass and a half of his pitcher and he still had at least 3 cups himself. The pitcher is perfect for those looking to split the tab or larger parties.


TT offers a wide variety of Tex-Mex inspired dishes, from fan favorites like tacos and burritos to house specials like chile verde and enchiladas. They also have a lunch menu, seafood items, and homemade drinks and desserts.  One popular item on their menu besides the drinks is the table side guacamole. A server comes to the table with ingredient,s and the customer gets to choose how they want their guac made, which is then done right in front of them. As a lover of guacamole, it saddened me that I couldn’t get the delicious appetizer. One thing I’ve learned about “adulting” is budgeting, and sometimes the table-side guac doesn’t make the budget. I opted instead for an all-time favorite, chimichangas. Two deep-fried burritos stuffed with your choice of shredded chicken or beef (or in my case both) with queso drizzled on top. The meal is served with rice or beans and guacamole dip salad. Needless to say, TT didn’t disappoint in food quality or servings. The shredded chicken was my favorite. Along with the refried beans, queso, and bites of guacamole salad, every mouthful had my taste buds screaming for more.


My total was under $20 before tip. I left with a full belly and feeling the powers of the tequila a bit more. I’ll be back to take on their tequila flight and devour the table-side guacamole. Until the next dish is served…


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