Foxy Loxy Cafe Review

Foxy Loxy Cafe The Foodie Feature

Every couple has their go-to restaurant “spot.” The spot you can both agree on no matter what time or day of the week. The spot you never get bored of no matter how many times you go. Our spot happens to be Foxy Loxy Cafe on Bull St.

Foxy Loxy Cafe The Foodie Feature

Foxy Loxy Cafe Beautiful Courtyard

The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and cozy. It’s Tex-Mex counter service, order up front and sit where you please. When you walk outside, the courtyard is lined with picnic tables, a small koi pond, and ferns decorate the perimeter. Inside is segmented as it was a residential home and feels eclectic with framed artwork for sale on the walls.

Foxy Loxy Cafe The Foodie Feature

Foxy Loxy Cafe Taco Options

Yes, Chipotle is also a go-to spot for us but when we want tacos this is the place we go. The taco menu involves chipotle chicken, a vegetarian option, and beef with

chorizo, but there is always a taco of the day as well. The specials are always darn good, whether it’s shrimp (drooling thinking of this one) carnitas or today, for example was carne with pico de gao, chimichurri, and queso fresco. Usually two tacos fill me up. Hot sauce is big here, so don’t be afraid to drizzle some on.

The carne on my taco of the day was tender, juicy, and melted in my mouth. You can say chimichurri is one of my favorite sauces, so immediately I was a fan of this bite. The chicken taco is my usual order. It’s the perfect amount of spice with the green salsa on top the shredded chicken they pack on the corn tortilla.

Foxy Loxy Cafe The Foodie Feature

Foxy Loxy Cafe Mexican Mocha

Let’s talk about the coffee. Perc Coffee Roasters supplies the beans here. Served hot or cold the creations Foxy offers with Perc coffee are all outstanding. Cold brews are poured out of a tap and lattes have hearts and ferns perfected with foam every time. Favorites of mine include the Mexican mocha made with spicy chocolate from local chocolatier Adam Turoni and the iced horchata latte which is sweet and tastes like cinnamon but wakes you up with the amount of espresso.

The pastry counter is one of the best in town and is usually filled with churros, cheesecake, and usually a fun dish like key lime tarts or lemon lavender cake. One item you need to try from the counter are the kolaches. These amazing little breakfast creations are old-school Texas and involve sweet dough filled with either sausage and cheese, bacon with onion, jalapeƱos or fruit and cream. Each day there are new flavors to choose here and paired with a cup of coffee you won’t be disappointed starting your morning with one.

Other food options here are chips and dips, cheese plates, and homemade soup. It’s definitely somewhere to stop in with friends and share the guac or pimento cheese while having a glass of wine in a mason jar (helloooo adorable) Speaking of wine, on Saturdays they have half priced bottles of wine and a fire pit with s’mores. It’s always

Foxy Loxy Cafe The Foodie Feature

Foxy Loxy Cafe Summer Berry Sangria

packed with young students and hip locals, so show up early to get a good marshmallow roasting seat. Right now they have a nice summer berry sangria too. Currently drinking it as I’m writing this, and I’m feeling happy as a clam eating the boozy berries off the bottom of the jar.
If you’re more in the mood to work instead of drink wine around a fire, there’s a quiet area upstairs where you’ll find SCAD students and young professionals typing away on their laptops and reading the last pages of their textbooks. Whether you’re here for work or play this place delivers every time, and I’ll definitely be back by next week. Oh, and don’t miss the brunch here on Sunday served until 3. It’s cheap, no hour long waits and sake Bloody Mary’s, huevos rancheros quiche, and hefty breakfast burritos are calling your name!


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