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Meet Megan Hopton. She’s the one woman band behind Food Social, a social movement that started off as a final project for her MA at SCAD. It is centered around food in Savannah and designed for sustainability. The movement has blossomed into a partnership with Savannah’s Food Policy Council where she’s learned the struggles between policy and food systems here.

Food Social Food SystemsThis is important, because it shows “things you wouldn’t necessarily see from the outside looking in”. Not being a native of the area, she wanted to be sure she fully understood what she was working with. Food hubs and their effects on the local food system were the target of the project. The goal of her work was to provide a set of guidelines for companies evaluated by the Food Social program with system guides to kick start the social movement in their area, according to her website.

Food Social is meant to be placed in any city. Here in Savannah there are groups like Farm Truck 912 and the Food Policy Council in place that help better the food system. Connecting the groups to work as one big unit and limited access to quality food in local communities are the some of the problems Megan is hoping to help resolve. She’s already working with movers and shakers to bring awareness to the issues plaguing Savannah’s food system with Food Social being the facilitator.

“Socialization is key to making these connections, and if you don’t have that you aren’t going to be able to improve anything,” said Hopton.

Megan’s meeting with Savannah’s Food Policy Council introduced a set up she calls “Who’s at the Table” that identifies key players in politics, economics, health, social and environment around Savannah. These players can be present at events providing their unique perspective on Food Social Food Systemswhat’s working, broken, or in need of change in Savannah’s food system. With the ultimate goal being expansion of Food Social to cities all over the United States, Megan’s immediate sight is set on making sure Savannah moves forward in the phases with more people on board and social events to bring awareness to the public.

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