Joe Loves Lobster Rolls

Joe Loves Lobster Rolls The Foodie Feature

Whitemarsh Island has a new gem, and it’s packed full of delicious, gleaming LOBSTER! Joe Loves Lobster has been in the Low Country for over 3 years serving Surf N’ Turf at his location in Ridgeland, SC and just opened little more than a month ago.

Joe Loves Lobster Rolls

Joe Loves Lobster Rolls

Duck Tacos

When it comes to menu items, this place is wild. Literally. Look out for wild game that is not native to Southeast GA. I’m talking Camel (Yes. Camel.), Karibou, Kangaroo (Again, you read that right), Elk shanks, burgers, and ribs. At the time I came in, Alligator was the Daily Catch. Other items from the land would be the Duck Tacos with marinated Ginger Orange Rotisserie cooked Duck served on Corn Shells with Melted Cheese and the 1/2 lb Greg Norman Signature Wagyu Burger from his private ranches in Australia.

Joe Loves Lobster RollsNow I know you want to hear about the lobster, and he’s got plenty of it! He receives his Lobster Knuckle and Claw meat from fishermen in Maine. A clear mission of the restaurant is to provide these delicacies sustainably. On top of the traditional Lobster Roll, check out the Lobster Tacos, Lobster Grilled Cheese, and Artisan Lobster Salad. All meals come with homemade pickle, bottled water (He does not serve soda and only organic juice.), and your choice of pineapple coleslaw, potato salad, side salad, or chips.

The Whitemarsh Island location is the first of several others set to launch this year. The next will be in Beaufort, SC and Richmond Hill, GA. If a road trip to Maine isn’t in the

Joe Loves Lobster Rolls cards, then stop by and spend a little time talking with the owner, Tony Herndon. He’s the man who will probably be greeting you at the door with a huge smile and the heavy Jersey accent. The coastal decor is perfect for the island life with furniture handmade by him and his daughter. Nautical stripes, anchors, and beachy quotes are prevalent here. Soon there will be live entertainment on the deck outside.

Joe Loves Lobster RollsThere is a daily $8 lunch menu that varies as well as $5 Kids Meals. Joe Loves is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, go to or call at 912-777-5937.

Joe Loves Lobster Rolls


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