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There are a lot of fun ways to eat, but few things trump the simplicity of laying out a blanket and settling into nature with your favorite friends and a basket of food. Some of my fondest memories growing up were with my family, enjoying a picnic together. When Justice (owner and editor of The Foodie Feature) suggested we shoot our new group photos at a picnic in Forsyth Park, I thought back to those picnics nostalgically wishing that we could incorporate my momma’s touch into our pre-planned picnic.

The Foodie Feature Team, Savannah GA

I have tried to replicate this memory in my adult life countless times with no success. A picnic party like momma would throw is no impromptu affair! The trick, of course, lies in the preparation. Lucky for The Foodie Feature and the rest of you Savannahians, there is a solution to reliving the glorious days of expert picnicking. With Savannah Picnic Company, started by a mother with an undying love for having picnics, planning your next al fresco lies in the click of a button.

Chelsea Rowe, owner of Savannah Picnic Company, has given the pleasure of picnicking a whole new meaning in Savannah. That special “momma’s touch” is what made these picnics so memorable and glamorous to me as a child. Moms seem to have a certain instinctive knack for everything that goes into the art of picnicking. From making picnic-friendly finger foods down to choosing the perfect blanket/basket combo with the right balance of cushion and photogenic charm.

This is Savannah’s only full service luxury picnic experience that offers a simple and painless process for having a picnic.

“You show up and enjoy the picnic and we do the rest!”

The website gives you the ability to book a reservation online, with four pre-assembled menus to choose from.

“I’ve always loved designing my picnics, ever since I was a little girl. Being outside and sharing a meal, in luxury setting, is almost magical,” said Rowe.

Rowe is a children’s book author and mother of four. Like most mothers, she takes the whole “getting there” part of her picnics very seriously – something a last minute scrambler like myself can really appreciate. No picnic is complete without also including the right cushions and center pieces, so when booking your reservation – let her know what type of picnic event you’re throwing. Picnics are perfect for bridal showers, engagements, office parties,and anniversaries. If a guy wants to score some points, he needs to book a picnic!

So how does it work? You decide. You can hold a picnic practically anywhere in Savannah. Do you want to throw a picnic at Forsyth Park or are you looking for something more intimate like perhaps your backyard? SPC will come to you, wherever you choose. They will leave you with the set up for two hours and when you’re ready to leave – they come back to clean up the mess. Wah lah!

If you fancy experiencing a foodie haven via the ultimate outdoor party, book your reservation with Savannah Picnic Company. Be sure to catch Chelsea Rowe and The Savannah Picnic Co. in action at Picnic at the Park : Oct. 2, 2016.


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