Savannah Craft Brew Week 2016

Savannah Craft Beer Week 2016, The Foodie Feature

Beginning Sunday the hops were brewing and the beers were pouring throughout Savannah as we kicked off the 5th annual Craft Beer Week! Spanning seven days, this week celebrates several of Savannah’s very own local breweries and some of our favorite restaurants. We spoke with Lee Heidel, Managing Editor of Brew / Drink / Run to talk about Craft Brew Week and let you know what to expect.

Savannah Craft Beer Week 2016, The Foodie Feature

1. This is Craft Beer Week’s 5th year. How long have you been
coordinating this and what have your roles been in the planning

I’ve been working to promote Savannah Craft Beer Week for the last
three years. That work includes creating and maintaining and our mobile apps as well as PR and advertising.
Every venue plans its own schedule of events, but I work to collect
all of that information in one place and make it accessible for the

2. How did Craft Beer Week get started and what do you see for it in the future?

Savannah Craft Beer Week has its roots in the great work that the
folks at The Distillery have done. They were the first to organize a
full week of events leading up to the Savannah Craft Brew Fest.
Subsequently, other venues followed suit. As a beer fan, I saw an
opportunity to help promote all of the different bottle shops,
restaurants, bars and breweries in town. It’s important for locals to
know they don’t have to wait for Savannah Craft Brew Fest to get great
beer in Savannah. These vendors provide it every day of the year.

The future sees Savannah Craft Beer Week getting bigger and bigger.

Three years ago, you still had to research a restaurant or bar to see
if they’d have craft beer. Now, it’s hard to find a venue in Savannah
that doesn’t have it. That’s incredible growth.

3. How many local vendors are involved in Craft Beer Week?

There are so many people that work together to promote beer during the
week. We have fifteen awesome official sponsors, many of which are
local. Those local sponsors plus all of the local venues, distributors
and breweries add up to around 25 vendors that are directly involved
at this point, but we will probably have some last minute additions as

4. What can people look forward to this week?

Good beer! There’s honestly something for everyone during Savannah
Craft Beer Week. You can go to a special tap takeover that features an
amazing brewery almost every night of the week, experience special
beer tastings based on style or appropriate food pairings and even run
off those calories with a 5K group run on Sunday.

Savannah Craft Beer Week 2016, The Foodie Feature

5. What are you most looking forward to about Craft Beer Week?

The highlight for me is always Night of the Beer Geek on Friday night
at The Distillery. This year is the seventh installment and they will
be serving amazing, rare beers all night. There are also some cool
first time events like Green Truck’s Sausage Fest featuring Service
Brewing Co. on Sunday night and Coastal Empire Beer’s Tiki Night at
Crystal Beer Parlor on the 31st.

6. It takes a team to put something like this together. How many
people are on your team and what did it take to get things up and

Savannah Craft Beer Week couldn’t happen without the amazing vendors
and especially our title sponsor Service Brewing Co. It’s really their
show. But for the promotions side, it’s myself and Raymond Gaddy. We
also work together on, a craft beer and fitness
website and podcast along with Keith Dion.

Stick with The Foodie Feature for all things Savannah Craft Beer Week and don’t forget to check out all of the week’s events here!


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