The Foodie Feature Team, Savannah GA

Photographer: Randy Gerdes

Welcome to The Foodie Feature! We are local food advocates, passionate foodies, and most importantly every day people. Savannah is a beautiful city with an explosive food scene, and we’re your key to it all! Our team works hard to bring you the latest on food news, the best foodie features, curated blog posts, and trustworthy reviews. Find out where you’re next meal is with us!

Meet The Team

Justice Dilworth Owner & Founding Editor, The Foodie Feature

Justice Dilworth

Owner & Founding Editor

Noticing the growing momentum of the food scene in Savannah, Justice founded The Foodie Feature with the goal of sharing the hard work and fruits of labor that chefs around Savannah are producing. She grew up addicted to anything Anthony Bourdain touched, competitive cooking shows, and the incredible experiences that one has when eating at a restaurant. An entrepreneur herself, she is fascinated with the environment that restaurateurs and crew thrive in while churning out amazing food. The utility of a kitchen versus the fantasy that guests experience in a restaurant come together to form what we know and love about eating out. Her goal is to celebrate and shed light on the people who make it all come to life. Justice is a graduate of Savannah State University majoring in Public Relations & Advertising, working on her MBA, and she is the CEO & Brand Strategist of Plug In Brand Management, LLC.


MT Pickett Contributor, The Foodie Feature

MT Pickett


Mary Thomas (MT) relocated to Savannah in August to pursue a career in writing and life lived more sweetly. Eating on a writer’s budget, means any meal not eaten on top of a keyboard should be savored and shared with others who also live the “ballin’ on a budget” lifestyle. As a believer in the “Treat. Yo. Self!” motto, MT hopes to help others who appreciate food (and all things spicy!) find some of the best meals worth the splurge. MT earned her BA in Writing and Linguistics from Georgia Southern University and is also a Contributing Writer for South magazine.

Shanay J. Campbell Contributor, The Foodie Feature

Shanay J. Campbell


There are some people who can pinpoint that certain dish or food experience that helped shaped them into the “foodie” they are today. For Shanay, it was the part time jobs she held. All in food, the majority places she worked at pushed for natural, locally sourced ingredients and as her last food employer puts it, “food with integrity”. Having grown up in the nation’s capital she has been exposed to a variety of cultural dishes, which have expanded her knowledge and love for food. A recent graduate of the Journalism & Mass Communications Dept. at Savannah State University and now a contributor for the Foodie Feature, she is on the hunt for unique, flavorful, and budget-approved cuisine to share with all the other food lovers. Join her on the infinite quest for the perfect guacamole and a full belly.


Kristin Ziegelbauer Contributor, The Foodie Feature

Kristin Ziegelbauer 


Kristin is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking twenty something who moved to Savannah from the beer and cheese capital of the world, Wisconsin. She worked as a food marketer after graduating college and ate her way through the country until landing in the delightfully southern Savannah, Georgia! She has a passion for finding new and unique restaurants, cafes, and bars and testing out new flavors and cooking styles in her own kitchen as well!

Shaunii Rawls Multimedia Producer, The Foodie Feature

Shaunii Rawls

Multimedia Producer

This multimedia maven has joined The Foodie Feature team! A Savannah native, she wants to showcase her city’s attributes bringing knowledge of video shooting and editing skills. Shaunii’s local blog, Spotted-By-Shaunii, interviews millenials who are making their mark on the world. Check out our videos to see some of the awesome work that she produces!

Kevin Daiss Contributor, The Foodie Feature

Kevin Daiss


Kevin is a local Savannahian who teaches high school English by day and takes in as many foodie delights at each opportunity. He loves putting his own spin on Southern cuisine in his own kitchen and sharing them with friends and family as well as exploring more off-the-beaten-path places locally. He is a whiskey enthusiast, and for him, there are few things better than a Scotch on the rocks paired with a good book.

Elizabeth Rusiecki Contributing Photographer, The Foodie Feature

Elizabeth Rusiecki 

Contributing Photographer

Elizabeth is a photographer, graphic designer, foodie, and adventure enthusiast. Born in NYC and raised in Miami, she is proud to now call Savannah her home. She loves capturing the memories created by great food and great company on film, and is quick to share her latest foodie discovery with friends so they can create memories of their own.

Carlos Vargas, The Foodie Feature Contributor

Carlos Vargas

Health Guru

Hey Y’all! I love cooking Paleo and Whole 30 meals for my family and teaching Yoga and CrossFit. After I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease, I learned to let food be my medicine and I love empowering others to achieve their health goals through diet and exercise. I currently call Savannah my home and love being a part of this amazing community. I look forward to sharing my meals with you, Buen Provecho!

Special thanks to local businesses that helped make our photo shoot beautiful and delicious!